Live your best life.

You can’t change where you’ve been or what you’ve been through but you can take charge of your path forward.

Beth Lorell, LCSW, MPH

Feeling calm and content in an unpredictable world may seem out of reach but small, practical changes can lead you to feel healthier and more satisfied.

Anxiety, depression and trauma do not have to derail your life plans. Identifying underlying causes and making small changes can lead to meaningful transformation. 

Therapy with me is conversational, encouraging and compassionate. In a warm, non-judgmental environment, we will use strategies grounded in evidence-based practices. 

I work with adults and older teens and provide specialized therapy for athletes.

Contact me if you are interested in working with me to promote positive mental health and well-being within your athletic organization. 

Teletherapy and in-person appointments are available.

Read about the evidence-based practices I use: